Vintage Cars’ Value In The Future

The more years go by, the more vintage cars cost more. Yes they are a marvel to look at but as we head into let’s say 20-30 years, surely their value can’t be increasing. Cars like the Rolls Royce should become the epitome of a vintage car instead of the occasional Gatsby-like cars. The only vintage cars that should have decent value in about 30 years time should be mustangs, preferably Mercedes-Benz mustangs which ooze with elegance and class. Apart from mustangs I see no reason why we should hold huge value to our modern day vintage cars as new technology is always introduced making new cars much more appealing and powerful compared to cars back in the days. 30 years on, we can’t keep holding value to cars that existed in the Roaring Twenties’ as we are nearly 100 years past that age. Less value on vintage cars and more value on current inventions.

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