Does DC Have Better Storylines Than Marvel?

Marvel is most famously known for their superheroes and quite rightly deserve the credit they have. However, is there more than just action to their character movies?  Hulk always gets lost then gets attacked by defence forces. Thor and Loki keep having a cat and mouse fight similar to tom and jerry – never ending. Only Spiderman and Captain America really have interesting storylines which keep fans wanting more sequels. Then there’s DC which is most famous for its grand star Batman and arguably the greatest villain of all time, The Joker. The Flash and Arrow aren’t as exciting as Batman or Joker but the story of Gotham City and Arkham really grips fans as it is filled with the rise of cons and metahumans. The tale of James Gordon fighting crimes and the crooked city of Gotham and Penguin really makes DC more than just Batman. So does DC have a better storyline behind their characters than those of Marvel?

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