Nice Guys In A Fuckboy World

Days are gone for the soft-hearted and sensitive attitudes of being a nice guy. Girls always deny it but deep down they all love fuckboys. The guys who are wanted by the other girls and envied by the other boys, where do nice guys fit in?  It’s all in the prize. Girls want to feel superior being with the guy all the other girls wanted but couldn’t have whereas a nice guy is seen as a doormat – someone who isn’t much of a challenge to get. If everyone can have it, it isn’t so special after all, right? That’s where fuckboys excel. They do the picking, they take the girls from the nice guys or maybe sleep with her and let her go back to the nice guy. The contrast in personalities can be defined as nice guys being ‘home’ while fuckboys are ‘wild life’. It’s not as if nice guys have no chance,  it’s that fuckboys make those chances very slim.

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