Does Showering Save More Water Than Bathing?

I beg to differ. When pouring water to bath, there’s a set amount of water used for the duration of the bath whereas showers can take up more than the amount found in a bath. Now for those people who don’t worry about life, who don’t get preoccupied, who don’t daydream, who don’t appreciate a good song to sing, who don’t like the sensation of the water acting as a massage to the body and manage to shower in about 5-10 minutes I don’t think you’re human. Most HUMANS actually enjoy a good long shower and let’s not forget the long appreciated scratch from the shower after washing ourselves. To be fair I think it’s best to just bath because it saves more water. A proper shower can take up to 15-20 minutes. That’s 15-20 minutes of constant release of water compared to the 3-5 min to set the bath. Any longer than 20 minutes to shower and that person is probably dead. Better go check the bathroom.

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