Real Estate Investments

Property is one of the top 10 business investments anyone can take part in. Well to be fair, property in good location and good maintenance. It’s better to buy about 4 different types of property. Look at it this way: if you buy 4 houses and end up finish paying for all of them, start renting out 3 of them. A house is not a home so of those 4 houses it’s best to make one your home. Now if you look at renting out your houses, which are paid off, and rent them at 1% of the original price for every week of stay in the year you’re most likely to make half the original price earnings in one year as a profit. So if one of your houses cost R800 000 and you charge 1% which will be R8000 a week for stay, that means at the end of the year you’ll be earning around R416 000 in rental fees. Now let’s not forget the other 2 houses you’re renting so that’s 416 000 x 3 = approximately R1 248 000 in rental profit in one year and about R6 Million over 5 years of renting . Obviously there are various combinations of real estate investment but if those numbers don’t impress you, I don’t know what will. Real estate in a guaranteed winner in investment.

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