Would You Rather…

Would you rather have no one show up to your wedding or no one show up to your funeral? No one showing up on your wedding day practically means nobody wants to be a part of your happiness except your partner which is quite sad but Vegas is always open for eloping. No one showing up on your funeral shows how much nobody cared much for you, they didn’t like you, you weren’t worth missing. I don’t know what my pick but would you choose nobody at your wedding or nobody at your funeral?

4 thoughts on “Would You Rather…

  1. No one showing at my wedding because I still have a chance to explain my actions. Secondly those who care enough will be bold enough to ask why they were not invited, at least from there onwards I will know the people who care enough, but if they aren’t enough, I still have a chance to do better and be a better person so that atleast my funeral will have a better turn out.
    Lastly, what happens at my funeral won’t have any impact on me, as I won’t be there to witness anything.


    1. Fair point but if they are not at your wedding, what are the chances of them going to your funeral? It’s not like you’ll go to the funeral of your former classmate just because you guys were in the same class together but weren’t friends or didn’t know what’s happening in each others lives. If they are not at your wedding it’s not a friendly relationship and if it’s not friendly they will most likely not go to your funeral. I’d also choose no one at my wedding but I was just giving you a thought on the choice


  2. No one showing up at my wedding.

    This might come across strange, because shouldn’t “no one showing up at my funeral” be an easier choice? No, it isn’t at least not to me.

    I can’t imagine leading a life where I didn’t impact a single soul. As an intellectual and an artist I strive to create conversation through my writing and work; furthermore, I aspire to do things for my community that make someone’s life a little better than before.
    Nonetheless, it would be quite saddening to have no one there at my wedding. However, if I could feel, I would definitely be feel an even greater sadness knowing I left without leaving a mark, and that with my passing I am forgotten.


    1. In your case you obviously have a huge value on purpose and meaning to life which is great and explains why you’d want people at your funeral but if someone doesn’t go to your wedding why would they go to your funeral? Surely if they cared for you they’d want to see your greatest moments instead of you 5 feet under if you understand what I’m saying. You’re not wrong but you have to consider such things. I also chose no one at my wedding simply because I’ll be with my partner which is the reason behind the wedding anyways so we can do our own crazy things at the wedding and after regardless of people being there or not. But good point though


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