Social Media Cele

Opportunities to make a career for oneself does lie in social media whether it’s YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. The more the public respond the more they get paid. Then again how easy is it to get on that level?  Most successful YouTubers have about 1 million subscribers. In a world population of about 7 billion people, 1 million people doesn’t seem like a number impossible to get. However take into account that right now people have basically seen all there is to be seen. From the vloggers to the pranksters, it’s tough to be original in this industry. Even if we look at instagram. Some people may have about let’s say 500k followers but only have an average of 1.5-2k likes per post. Advertising companies won’t be convinced of the mass crowd they can attract for their product to get advertised on their profile. Making money from social media can be in abundance and there are success stories but it’s a very competitive industry with real competition making an aspiring YouTuber or Instaleb forced to think out of the box or really know his homework before going into the industry.

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