Solitude Is Sometimes Good

A lot of people are uncomfortable with being alone by themselves. They’ve gotten used to knowing themselves around them but don’t know who they are around themselves. Solitude isn’t a state of being an outcast. Sometimes it’s necessary to be in your own place and be alone. Away from the world. To just be. To think about your problems, your dreams, your goals. A lot of people realise that change is necessary in their life once they are alone in preoccupation. The realisation of which our company is and whether they are a good or bad impact in our lives makes us change. It doesn’t mean that because someone has a bad impact on our lives that we’ll let go of them. It’s just always satisfying realising how much we are in control of our surroundings. We choose our crowd. Solitude is so beautiful. A time to be stuck in daydream – fantasising about our greatest hopes. A grandiose future. Nobody should feel uncomfortable being alone once in a while.

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