The 2017 16th Annual Metro fm awards

With the 2017 16th annual Metro awards fast approaching, South African Music lovers have already set their sights on their favorites. With a list of categories varying from “Best Hip Hop Album”, “Best New Artist”, “Best Male Album”, “Best Female Album” and many other prestigious categories, it is hard to predict who will win which category.

One category which has always created immense conflict in the past is the “Best Hip Hop Album” category. This year’s nominees include A-Reece for his album titled “Paradise”, Nasty C for his album titled “Bad Hair”, Anatii for his album titled “Artifact”, Kwesta for his album titled “DAKAR II” as well as DJ Slique for his album titled “Injayam Volume 1”.

It is no doubt that Kwesta, Nasty C as well as A-Reece would be considered the favorites to win this category, but Hip Hop fans may be swayed differently as the weeks go on.

Who do you believe should win this prestigious category and why?

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