Lack Of Self-Control In A World Of Peer Pressure

We live in a world where judgement matters to us. From the clothes we where to the people we date to the people we hang out with. We’re always being judged and we also do the judging. People say they can’t be affected by peer pressure but the don’t see it indirectly happening to themselves. We look at latest trends and tend to be drawn towards them to be accepted. We end up saving money to where these brands so that we show the world that we’re on par with modern society. In other cases we find that some couples don’t work. Many couples are good on paper but not in reality but we all want those Instagram likes, right? We want others to see us as a ‘power couple’. If we look good together to the world then surely we should be together even though they don’t know what happens behind closed doors. Peer pressure doesn’t always have to be someone encouraging you to follow their way of life. It could be a random stranger who gets lots of attention because of their hair style that makes us believe that is the way to be accepted by society. Have we lost our control of being influenced by those around us?

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