Who Is The Greatest Boxer Of All Time?

Muhammad Ali, Floyd Mayweather, Sugar Ray Robinson, Joe Louis. The list can go on but who is the greatest of them all? Ali is regarded as the most loved and adored and many suggest he is the greatest but what about Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather? Undefeated in his career. Youngest world champion ever. He only faced world champions and beat them all, even the Manny Pacquiao whom everybody believed would humble Mayweather but ‘The Best Ever’ was simply better than him. reasons why people won’t regard him as the best if because of his cockiness, arrogance, inability to be shut up, and most arguably his defensive fighting. most boxing fans are attracted to knockouts and quick paced bouts but Mayweather takes his time. Yes, he could have attacked more but defensive fighting is also a factor in boxing. How do you beat someone who can’t be touched? As much as Ali is and will always be a great, we cannot deny the talent and skill Mayweather possessed. Is Mayweather a better boxer than Ali?

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