Claim or Shame

At some point in a relationship, we’re all faced with the conflict of whether to hold thy hand or not to hold thy hand outside of the comfort of ours homes.Public display of affection is a sensitive topic for many of us. Holding hands and exchanging romantic gestures may be considered to be disrespectful by yourself or your partner but the absence of this could also raise some insecurities and the question of whether there’s actually a subliminal fear of explicitly expressing the true nature of the relationship to the open world. Is the right thing to do ‘claiming’ your partner despite the idea that it might be disrespectful? Or is it a better idea to ‘shame’ the relationship and leave all affection to happen in a confined space – ignoring any insecurities that may arise?

2 thoughts on “Claim or Shame

  1. It is better to claim than shame I say.
    I don’t see anything disrespectful about holding back your partner’s hand in public and exchanging romantic gestures but there’s a fine line between being cute and needing to find a room.


    1. Truth. But the problem is that this fine line is subjective. I mean do you and your partner have the same fine line? And would you take offence if your partner refused to hold your hand on public?


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