Virtual + Reality = ??

Hot-Cold, Love-hate and now virtual-reality? Some of the strangest combinations of words but virtual reality has got to be the first whose presence is so tangible. Perhaps we’ve lost touch with the meaning of the word Reality to such a drastic extent that there was sufficient demand for it to be fictitiously recreated. Have we, with the development of technology, grown such a strong urge to be disconnected from ourselves, other people and the ability to feel & be felt? Or is virtual reality a necessary development that allows us to explore life without having to risk injury and depletion of our finite resources? Is the oxymoron of Virtual Reality progression or regression?

3 thoughts on “Virtual + Reality = ??

  1. depends on what you use it for.

    if you call it “3 dimensional input and immersive display” perhaps it says the same thing, its just not as catchy. if you dont call it a hoover, it still sucks like an electrolux.

    “3diid” is yours if you want it. be my guest.

    “virtual space” isnt an oxymoron, so its more accurate. “space” just means “the area comprised of height, length and width” but the way we use the world, it normally means “outer space” or “everything outside the atmosphere, at least.”

    i hear theyre making computers out of apples now. crazy world we live in.

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    1. Haha very true. A rose by a different name is still a rose. In my opinion, the scariest thing is how technology is giving us ways to live as though we are literally beyond the the earth’s atmosphere without leaving the comfort of our beds. Admirable developments indeed but ones that I can’t help with have astronomical consequences on those with great exposure to the field.

      Beyond crazy this world if you ask me. Maybe that explains why everyone is so keen to live in an engineered one.

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      1. without engineering, people with bad enough back injuries can only lay on the floor, at best.

        just something to think about. im all in favor of figuring out how to better our “true” and “natural” selves, so that human evolution doesnt stop where the drawing board begins. still, the dichotomy goes both ways– if you think its foolish to rely too much on engineering, i agree. and also to rely too little. there is greatness in balance.

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