Clubbing VS House Parties

Which type of groove is best? When looking at clubbing one can enjoy famous dj’s live or even famous artists in the same club. Clubbing is a guaranteed opportunity to see and meet new faces in town. However, clubbing includes paying for alcohol and drinks which can be very expensive at times, let alone the entrance fee. When looking at house parties, people of mutual friends will be there making most people comfortable in their surroundings. There also isn’t always a need for excessive alcohol supply as one can say that people must bring their own alcohol or hookah. However, it relies on a dj who has to know his audience to play songs everyone will like, which is a risk because at a club people who go there know what they will get whereas people who go to house parties aren’t always certain of the type of music that will be played.  House parties are also much cheaper than clubbing but sometimes going to the club is worth the price and nice to get out of one’s comfort zone. Which do you prefer: clubbing or going to a house party?

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