Unjust Grammies

It was the 59th Annual Grammy awards on Sunday and music lovers were glued to their screens awaiting the outcomes. It was an eventful evening for Adele as she scooped top awards such as , “Album of the Year” , “Record of the Year” and “Song of the Year” just to name a few.

This led to an outrage as many felt that Beyonce was the most deserving artist to win these nominations. The basis of this was on the accusations that the Grammies have for a long period of time overlooked young progressive black artists . Solange was quick to take her frustration out on Twitter stating that , “there have only been two black winners in the last 20 years for Album of the Year” .

This has led to artists such as Frank Ocean boycotting the Grammy awards. We saw the same scenario in 2014 where Kendrick Lamar was snubbed off of many awards which he rightfully deserved.

In my perspective I believe that the criteria formulated to determine the winners of the Grammies is biased and not progressive . Black artists are not being taken fully into consideration and the longer this goes on the more the Grammy awards will begin to lose relevance and prestige.

Does the divide that still exists between black and white individuals in society need to be displayed in something as beautiful as music ? It is evident that the Grammy Awards don’t celebrate the music of Black musicians ,but merely tolerate it.

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