Is Valentines Such A Big Deal?

Valentine’s Day has passed us and now that it is over, why do we celebrate it? Many people say that it’s a day to show appreciation of their partners and a day to be all romantic and stuff but why must that be done on one day only? Surely everyday in a relationship should feel like valentine’s day. Why should your partner only receive such love and adoration on one day instead of the whole duration of the relationship? We also find that if no gestures are made on valentine’s day then some relationships crash. Why? Does one day define your relationship? If your partner planned something extra special the day after but you dumped them because you didn’t receive anything on valentine’s day, wouldn’t that suck? Valentine’s day is a beautiful day in a relationship but the other 364 days or however long are also important and should be filled with the same amount of attention.

One thought on “Is Valentines Such A Big Deal?

  1. It is quite ridiculous that love is shown to its full extent on valentine’s day but the idea of valentine’s day is to celebrate St Valentine who would have unions of love for partners and was martyred for that. It surely has become a day where we just spend loads of money and the true essence of it being love is left out. It should be valentine’s day all year round


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