Stories or Auto-biography

Snapchat seems to have struck quite the goldmine. One that, first, Instagram and, now, WhatsApp couldn’t help but sink their teeth into. But have you ever stopped to consider the fact that it’s our lives that they’re mining? “Stories” they’re called. More than anything else has ever managed to do before, stories incline us to share private and in depth daily secrets of our lives. Yet they also let us communicate more concisely with a large number of friends and family with having to send individual messages. Do we need to be sharing, this vividly, occurrences in our daily lives? But with such intense technological advancement why should we have to still share information in the traditional text format when so much more exists. Have ‘stories’ so rapidly become such a integral part of our lives that we need to have them as part of ALL our social media platforms or is WhatsApp just trying to get a slice of a cake that has long been devoured?

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