Ranieri Sacking

In modern day football , managers are constantly under fire with club owners as well as fans . Managers are under constant pressure to bring about desired results . Failure to do this usually results in managers being put under the firing line.

This week was no different as we saw the sacking of Leicester City coach , Claudio Ranieri . Despite Ranieri’s efforts of bringing the first league title to the King Power Stadium last season , he was given very little compassion and sympathy .

As of late the conduct of the Leicester City players has been appalling towards a manager who has brought them so much glory and believed in them when majority of people didn’t.

Although Leicester City has been performing poorly lately , putting them only a point above the relegation zone , blame shouldn’t only be put on the manager , but on the players as well . Nobody understands these players more than Claudio Ranieri , since he has been grooming them as a team for the longest time now .

Instead of him being sacked , the Board at Leicester should have given him time to turn things around considering how much he has done for the club.

Do you feel that Claudio Ranieri deserved to be fired due to the poor performances of Leicester as of late , or should players also take responsibility ?

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