No need for TV. All you need is WiFi

Nowadays having access to Internet gives one access to all forms of entertainment. From YouTube to Google, a person has access to a lot of resources. With many websites allowing for downloading and watching of latest and past series and movies, not only do dvd stores lose business but there’s no real need for TV. TV is basically a set of different channels showing different series. If we are able to watch any series we want online, why have TV? To watch sports perhaps? Even so there are sites that show live sports events making one wonder they bother having TV when all that’s needed is WiFi. WiFi also allows access to WhatsApp, Instagram and many more social networks. TV and social networks in one! WiFi has even defeated the need for radio stations as one can listen to the latest track by their favourite artists on YouTube and if they want to get the album, they can go and download it for free on the Internet. WiFi is very important and is a major source of resource in our every day lives.

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