Are Celebrity Couples In Love Or Out Of Options?

With Bonang and AKA soon to be married and one of South Africa’s favourite couples, we could assume they found love. However, is this the case for all of them? When looking at finding love from a celebrities point of view, a lot of factors come into play. Being a celeb means having status, having reputation, having money. For a normal person, one who isn’t in the spotlight or famous, that wants to pursue a relationship with a celebrity it’s not as easy as it may be. A lot of the time fans are those normal people and could be argued that a person wouldn’t have known of the celebrity had it not been for their fame. Therefore, how many options do they have? With fans costantly putting pressure on which celebs should be with who, sometimes what looks good on paper isn’t good behind closed doors. Being in a celebrity world, one is bound to find someone else who is famous as well thereby having a limited number of options to choose from. Then again, we the public only want to see happy faces in front of the camera or on Instagram. I guess Rob and Chyna fell into this trap.

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