We Used To Hate Phones That Broke Easily. Now We Buy Them

Before touchscreen came out, we enjoyed the pleasures of our E250s and Motorola’s and the challenge of making a Nokia have a scratch. We even enjoyed having to be able to take out a battery and put it back it with no stress. Touchscreens just seemed to crack easily and didn’t really make us happy. It started with Samsung touchscreens having a stick to use the touchscreen but then the screen gets all kinds of scratches and affects the display. Now all of a sudden we all have touch screen phones! The repair is more expensive and one would rather buy a new one than get it repaired. The sad reality of touch screens is the fate of the phone once it’s seen on the ground facing down. Once picked up its not a sight to see. It’s almost as if out phones are so cracked that we fear one bad touch and our fingers will go through the phone. How can phone companies make phones that are touchscreens and aren’t so prone to injury? That’s a question to all of our phone problems and may be in progress as we speak

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