Should Neymar Leave Or Stay?

This transfer window has seen some shocking transfers but we could witness the most expensive transfer yet. With constant rumours of him leaving Barcelona, Neymar could leave for a fee of £222million to PSG. Is it the best decision? We all know of his desire to be named the best player in the world and he got his recognition in 2015 by making the Ballon Dor Top 3 best players. However, that’s not enough for him. Since then he’s been in Messi’s shadows and hasn’t gotten the recognition he wants. People keep saying that what Messi is doing to Neymar is what Ronaldinho did to Messi but many forget that Ronaldinho left the club in order for Messi to shine. In Neymar’s case, Messi hasn’t left and when will Neymar get his time to shine or even compete with Messi for the Ballon Dor. With recent footage of Neymar storming out of training, we see the growing frustration of him and maybe he has decided enough is enough and in order for him to be the best he has to be away from Messi entirely.

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