How Is Racism Still Evident In Schools?

Following the racist act of a St John’s teacher towards several students saying that black students “look the same from some angles”. He then was enthused by the idea of one of the black students “thinking like a white boy”. His racist remarks weren’t always towards black students as he accused a student of being “too Indian” and labelling another student as being a “dirty Greek”. Saying such horrific statements to the youth especially in a country where racism has created huge division amongst its people in South Africa, according to him these comments were just jokes. Nobody is laughing right now and he has resigned following the MEC requiring the school to fire him. St John’s also got into the deep waters for the handling of the situation and why they were reluctant to fire the teacher. In 2017, 24 years of democracy, how is it that we can’t move on. Racism will always be a problem in South Africa and for the youth to fall victim to racism when they had nothing to do with the past events makes the battle to defeat racism harder than ever.

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