You Can’t Please Everybody

Often the way we live is influenced by what we surround ourselves with. From TV to idols to our social circle and society, we always have an image of what our lives must be like. Sometimes we deny the life we want due to fear of being judged by others. To be fair, we all want the fancy cars, latest brands and trending fashion but to what extent will one acquire them? The problem lies in ourselves – the inability to be happy with our ambitions and our difference to society. Nobody likes to not fit in and sometimes following society can make you lose yourself. We find that some university students are not studying their course of choice due to influence of others around them. Sometimes we neglect doing the things we like because society doesn’t deem it as a good enough standard. Standards affect us all the time. Everybody has different standards so it’s vital to know your own. Know yourself. You can’t please everyone.

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