Following Your Parents Advice or Following Your Dreams?

When it comes to our career choices we are often filled with countless ideas from our friends, family and shows we watch as well as our rolenodels. However, when choosing your dream, parents are the only factor as they can crush them in the blink of an eye. They either won’t fund your business or pay for the course you want to do or be supportive of the decisions you make because they already had a plan for you. It doesn’t mean they are right. It doesn’t mean they are wrong. It just means that you have to find the one thing you love doing the most and showing your parents that it can put bread on the table because if it doesn’t then surely your parents won’t be accepting of it. It’s vital to go after what you want but never limit your abilities to only your dreams. The main purpose of a dream is happiness and even though some may not agree, money is happiness and if we can make the money to support the ideal lifestyle we’ve always wanted then there’s no reason for our parents to be the opposition

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