Are We Safe From Technology?

We all love new innovations and always want to keep up with the latest apps that make our lives easier. But how much easier? Think about it. GPS helps us get from A to B when we are lost but technology is TRACKING us. We are constantly followed by GPS in a sense and anyone can find us looking at our GPS record. Next we have Siri and Cortana which make finding our files and solving our problems easier by providing them with instructions. However, it knows our files from our computer to cellphone. They know our contacts and who they are. They constantly giving us information but it could also give someone information on us one day making us less private and more vulnerable. We create Facebook and Instagram profiles which store personal information and memories. As technology improves so will the flexibility of technology increase where any possible creation of artificial intelligence can be our demise. Scientists could create something we can’t destroy. Just like they provided a computer to play chess and now knows all possible moves a player could make, making it almost impossible to beat in a chess game. Big changes start small and we have be careful how we use technology in the future.

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