How Instagram Can Change Your Game

In this modern day and age, most of us have Instagram. We enjoy the follows and like we get for our posts and at some times it becomes addictive to use. Sometimes we wish we weren’t too invested in Instagram as it can affect our relationships. Give or take a guy who has just gotten a girl’s number. Through Instagram contacts section he can look through her Instagram profile and make a decision on whether or not she’s his type overall. Same goes with the girl who analyses his life on Instagram once she can find him. They both start looking at each others number of followers and how many likes they get free their posts and so much stalking that they may never really want to find out more about each other after the information they found out themselves. We all like climbing the ladder of reputation when we go from one partner to the next. We always want someone better than our ex. Sometimes girls want the guys with the most follows. Sometimes guys want the ‘instaleb’ girl who would make all guys cry. Instagram has almost made us create a visual cv before being accepted. What happened to the old fashioned way of trusting our guts that we got the number of someone special then finding out their lifestyle over a date instead of Instagram? Times have changed and it’s a scary reality if we need to use images as a basis for who we want to be with.

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