A World Without Drugs

The business of drug dealing is a hard one to fight for police officers. First you have to catch someone in possession of the drug. Second you have to hope that the guilty provide a name of the dealer. Then if they do then thirdly the police will want the main distributor caught to prevent further drug supply to the public. But nobody likes a rat. Watch Narcos if anything is to go by. The main question is, where would we be as society without the drug business? A lot of these drug dealers build separate businesses creating jobs for communities. The drug business draws in lots of money with the ability of improving a country’s economy. So much entrepreneurs and shops are supported by the public even though they may never know that the business they are supporting may be funded by the sales of drugs. Obviously not all aspects of drug business is positive but sometimes we have to acknowledge the role of the drug business and black market. Black market was primarily used to trade illegal resources and merchandise to help restore cities and communities. Times have changed now but would we be the same without the drug business?

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