The Whole Squad Must Be Winning

When we’re broke, we realise who are friends are. Being broke isn’t easy. However, when we are with our friends, our squads, we all live for the day that none of us are broke and we all are going to be ballin’. There’s no secret recipe. Each individual has to have their own personal ambition and follow through with it. It’s vital to be selfish when it comes to going after what you really want because no matter where you go you’ll always find friends but you won’t always find that dream. However, what happens if one of your squad members isn’t blowing up like the rest? Surely team effort means each person puts in some work but how far can we lend a hand to a friend? The answer differs from person to person because when you may have been broke one day and you needed R10,  that could have seemed like R1000 at the time. Achieving greatness and living the dream life with your squad is great but we aren’t winning unless we all are winning individually.

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